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A sexy hotel receptionist - Hanisha
Hi i am hanisha, age 18, living in chennai with my dad(selva, age 42) and elder brother(arun, age 20). My mother died 7 years before in a road accident.
my dad was just 35 when my mum died but doesnt opt for second marriage since he want to take care of myself and my brother.

my dad married my mom when he was 21 due to their love got known to mums family and they have to quit their studies and ran
away from family and got married. my dad love my mum a lot and he started working in lodge as room service boy and live a
poor life, my parents doesnt show theier poverty to me and my brother and they will try to make us happy and buy things with
all struggle to make us happy.

it was a big blow to us when my mom died and from then he showed his all love to us and took care for us, my elder brother failed in
10th standard and stopped his studies and learned driving and now working as car driver.

my dad will goto lodge at 9AM and will return around 9 to 10PM  will do cooking, washing dishes,cleaning etc and sleep
only for 5 to 6 hours a day.

i studied till 12th and stopped since it is difficult for me to take care of my household works and to concentrate on studies,
i also dont have much intrest to study as well as i need to give rest to my dad who cooks, clean, wash cloths and also
going to work.

i started learning cooking and household work and gave the much needed rest to my dad in home.

My bro being a cab driver doesnt have any specific work timings, he himself dont know when he will come home and when he will
go, but whenever he come he always comes with gifts for me like dresses, makeup items, hand bag etc.

me being the only female in house both my dad and bro showed lot of love to me and though we were poor we lead a happy life.

i am at the age of 18 the most beautiful girl in the locality with fair complexion, cute round boobs with size 34, hips 28
and perfect pair of ass. i normally wear chudithars, leggins, tops, amd whenever i went to nearby shops, all men would stare
at me from top to bottom.

initially i felt bad about their stares but slowly started liking it and felt proud of my beauty.
in tight tops my round boobs shape will be clearly visible and i used to wear shawl to cover it while going out. but recently
i started exposing my beauty as their stare gave me some kinky feelings, especially that vegetable shop owner, daily i
goto shop to purchase vegetable and he keep me waited finishing all other customers and will stare at me every moment and
finally will have some chit chat with me after sending all his cutomers. all the time he use to see me from top to bottom and
i will let him watch me and will give me things with lesser price. i too have a crush on him as he looks manly well build strong body.

wow, hanisha you look so beautiful today, he told me starring at my boobs.
thanks anna, i said with a smile.

he was starring at my boobs and clevage as i wear a low neck tops..
enough watching me anna, give me the items, i gave a piece a paper where i written the list of vegetables and groceries.

he slowly started picking me the items one by one having chit chat with me enquiring about by bro and dad.

i too gave replies to him and he in the context of picking items, he moved closer to me, touched me here and there with his
body since the shop was small, whenever he cross me he made sure his body touched me, crushed my boobs with his back.

can you give me your mobile number hanisha, he asked standing close to me..
why anna, i asked looking at him
just to chat with beautiful girl, he said with a wink..

hmmm, ok, let me tell your wife that you are flirting with me..i said with a smile.
he moved closer to me, looked in to my eyes and said, hani, if i saw you before my marraige i would have married you.
if you convince your wife, marry me as your second wife, i said with a kinky smile.

he placed his palm in my shoulder, and smooched gently.
anna, enough you are crossing limits, tell me how much, i will pay and leave, i said in a husky tone. 

i dont need money, he said moving his palm to my cheek. i could feel his breath in my cheek, i was getting hornier by his touch.
then what you need, i asked slowly
he moved his finger and placed it in my lips and said, i need this lips.
ssss, anna, leave me, i again said in husky tone looking his eyes.
your lips are so hot and tempting hanisha, he said twisting my lips with 2 fingers.

pls leave me anna, this is shop, anyone may come anytime, i said looking into the street..
i will keep an eye on streets hanisha, dont worry, he said roaming his fingers all over lips.

i suddnly bite his cheek tightly and he pulled his fingers moved away from me and shouted in pain.
i laughed looking at him, took my grocery bag and said, go and taste your wife lips and returned to leave.
he suddenly pulled me and hugged me from back and placed one hand in my ass cheek, atleast give your number, he said pressing
my ass cheek.

though i was bit shocked i enjoyed his hands in my ass and his cock pressing in between ass cheek.
sss, anna leave me, you are getting too much naughty, i said with a smile.

he hugged me tighter, pressed my hips above my tops, i wont leave you until you give number.
i told my number and he released me after giving a gentle push with his cock inside my ass crack.

i blushed at him, bought my face closer to his cheek and gave a hard bite in his cheek.
he again hugged me and now my boobs were crushing in his chest and his cock pressing my pussy.

ssss, leave me rascal, otherwise i will bite your...
bite my ?
i will bite your,, i said moving my hands closer to his and gave a squeeze to his cock above his hands and pushed him
hardly, blushed at him and came out of the shop.

i came home, prepared morning coffee, waked my dad and gave him coffee.
we both chatted for a while.

My brother came home after 3 days drive, i hugged him and welcome him.

he too hugged me gently, kissed my cheek and said, hi hani, how are you..
i am good anna, how was your trip, i asked placing a kiss in his cheek.
its fine dear, i drive almost 35 hours in these 3 days but customer is good, he paid me well.
so what you bought for me, i asked eagerly..
hanisha leave him sometime, let him refresh himself, he looks so tired, my dad said caringly..
its ok dad, first let me show her the gifts what i bought, her happiness will give me lot of energy, my bro replied.

wow, thank you bro, i said hugging him tightly giving a tight kiss in his cheek.
he gave me one bag which he was holding, its all yours hanisha, he said and sit in the sofa.

i too went and sit on his lap and opened the bag to see few dresses inside. i further opened it was T-shirts, skirts, legginsand
couple of sleeveless tops. i was bit surprised and shocked seeing that.

what is this anna, i never wear these type of dresses, i asked disappointingly.
he placed his palm in my cheek, comeon hanisha, you will look so beautiful in these dresses, he said eagerly looking into my eyes.
but anna, i feel too shy to wear these dresses, i said in a husky tone.

come on hanisha, your brother bought these dresses with love hoping you would enjoy wearing these, dont disappoint him, just
try these at home if you like, you can wear while going out, i am sure you will like those, my dad said with a smile.

hmmm, yes dad, you are right, hani, try these at home,  later you can decide whether you can go out in this
dress, my bro said kissing my forehead.

hmmm, ok anna, i whispered and stood up from bros lap to do my morning work, i need to prepare breakfast for my dad to go to work.

my brother too came behind me and hugged me from back, kissed my cheek, already you are an angel in this area,
if you wear these and go out all mens eyes will be on you and no girl here can beat your cutness, he said with a wink.

i blushed at him, ssss, anna, leave me, i need to prepare breakfast for dad, i said in a husky tone.
he smiled at me and left me and went out saying, let me meet my friend and come.

i went to kitchen and started to wash vessels to prepare breakfast.
after 30 minutes or so, my dad came to kitchen after taking bath and getting ready to office.

need any help hanish, he asked looking at me
no thanks dad, its almost ready
did you liked the dress your brother bought hani ? my dad asked coming closer to me.
hmmm, yes appa, i said looking into his eyes, but is it ok appa, if i wear those modern dress, i am not used to wear those
type of revealing dresses.

he came behind me and hugged me from back, placed his around my belly and whispered in my ears, hani you will look so cute
and beautiful in those dress, i think your brother want to enjoy seeing his beautiful sister in those dress, thats why
he bought those to you.

but i feel too shy appa, i said in a husky voice.
come on hanisha, shy will be there to wear it first time but then you will also enjoy wearing those, you know in hotel i am
seeing lot of girls like you wearing these type of dress, everytime i see them i thought you should also dress like them, but
i was bit hesitent to directly ask you now i am  too happy that your brother bought it and like me he also want to see you in
those dress,

i was bit surprised to hear from dad, that he want to see me in those dress, already i was bit horny after that grocery shop
incident and now i am getting turned on again after hearing these words from dad.

i slowly turned around and looked into my dad eyes, do you want to see me in those dress appa.
yes hanisha, he said hugging me and placing a kiss in my cheek.

ok dad, let me wear that and come, i said giving a kiss in his cheek and went to room.
i took the bag and take out all the dress that he bought and selected a skirt and a sleevelss tops.

skirt is of knee lenght and the sleeveless tank top, with low neck in front and back. strap was too thin that my bra straps
also visible from shoulder to clevage, also it shows a bit of clevage and in back it was so low that it start covering
close to my bra strap.

also it was too tight clearly showing 34 sized boobs shapes and it run till hips few inches below navel, and the skirt is of
thin material that run till my knees.

i looked into mirror, i felt i was damn sexy in this dress and i was bit excited how everyone will stare at me if i
walk out wearing these. suddenly i got a flash thought of dad starring at my clevage and that sent instant shiver in my
(23-05-2020, 07:33 PM)i looked into mirror, i felt i was damn sexy in this dress and i was bit excited how everyone will stare at me if i Wrote: walk out wearing these. suddenly i got a flash thought of dad starring at my clevage and that sent instent shiver in my

i took a shawl covered my clevage and shoulders and came out, moved to kitchen.

my dad, looked at me annd slowly moved his eyes from top to bottom, i stand there leaning in the wall looking at him, he
stareed at my hips and my legs and came closer to me.

why are wearing a shawl for this, he asked placing his palm in my cheek, looking into me.
no dad, this tops is not covering my inners, bra straps were visible thats why, i said in a low tone.

is it, that is the latest fashion hani, you come to the hotel where i work, lot of girls wearing tops with inners visible only,
shall i remove the shawl to see how you look in this tops, he asked looking into my eyes.

i could see the eagerness in my 42 year old dad to see his daughter in a hot dress, i was getting turned on by his looks,
i slowly nodded my head, saying yes

he moved his hand from my cheek and pulled my shawl and put it downn the floor and his eyes fixed on my clevage and boobs
shape for almost a couple of minute.

he placed one hand in the wall behind my shoulders and leaned on me gently and placed his other hand in my arms and slowly
moved it to my shoulders.

you look so hot and beautiful in this dress dear, he said placing a kiss in my forehead.
he rolled his finger over my bra straps touching my bare skin till my clevage, i think you should wear some other matching color
inners, instead of white bra, if you go out like this all mens eyes will fix at you and will lead to road accidents, my dad
said with a smile.

i blushed at him and put my heads down in shy.
he pulled me a inche front and hugged me and placed one arm above my ass and one in bare back above the tops, dont feel
shy dear, you look gorgeous in this, he said and placed a kiss in my cheek closer to my ears.

i felt his hard cock near my hips, and i too get turned on feeling my dad cock, i too placed both my arms around him, and
rested my head in his shoulders and said, sure appa, i wont feel shy, i will wear sexy dresses, i said in a husky tone.

my dad used to hug me every day, kiss my cheek frequently but all those time it was with love and affection, never ever i
felt his cock hard pressing my navel while he hugged earlier. but today his hug is clearly on lust, mom died 7 years ago at
his age of 35 and he should have been starving for sex, and he could have married again but he doesnt just to take care of us.

i know how he was struggling between his work and taking care of us when i was at 11 and my bro at 13 and i felt l should
not release this hug, i should be within his arms as long as possible. i too tightened my hug and raised my feet and placed
a kiss in his cheek and said, love you appa, and in the process of raising my feet, his cock pressing my navel slowly moved
down and pressed against my pussy.

suddenly my dad released my hug and moved away from me, i looked at him questioningly and he said, sorry hanisha without
looking at me,

what happened dad..
i got bit carried away hanisha, i am sorry i should have not done this to you, he said with guilty eyes.
no dad nothing happened, i said sadly feeling bad for my dad being guilty.

no, i mean, i am sorry i couldnt control myself seeing you in this hot dress, dont wear these dresses any more ask your brother to
return these ,he said looking down and went out of kitchen.

i stood there in a shock for a while, i want to go and console him but i doubted whether it will increase his guilt of
lusting his daughter.

i took breakfast plate and went out and kept infront of dad, he ate silently and went to kitchen to wash his hands.
i too ran inside kitchen and when he about to come out, i blocked the way, and looked at him, i wont allow you to
go with this state of mind.

hani please leave me, i cannot ...
no need to tell anything appa, you have all the rights to hug me, kiss me no need to feel guilty..
but hanisha you are my daughter ...

i suddenly hugged him and rested my head in his shoulders.
hug me..

he gently placed both his arms around my back.
not like this, hug me tighter, i said looking his eyes and gave a kinky smile.
he too smiled back and hugged me tightly.

kiss me
he kissed my cheek
one more, i showed my other cheek.
he kissed again with a smile.
one more in my chin appa.

he looked into my eyes and smiled and kissed my chin.

am i looking sexy in this dress dad..
hmmm, yes hani you are too sexy, he said giving one more kiss in my earlobes.
should i ask my bro to return these dresses or do you need to see your daughter in these sexy dresses.
i need to see my daughter in sexy dressed hanisha, he said kissing my neck.

thats my sweet dad, i said kissing his cheek.
ok dear, its time to goto office, he said and left home to hotel.

i was so happy that he is not guilty anymore and also too horny after so much of hugging and kissing from dad.

my bro returned after few minutes. he was bit surprised to see me in that dress.
wow sissy, you look damn cute in this and gave a stare at my clevage and boobs.

my 42 year old dad got turned on seeing me in this dress and no wonder my 20 year old brother starring my boobs.
enough starring at me anna, i said giving a kinky smile, come lets have breakfast.

no, i have some other work, where is dad ?
he already left anna.

then he took a bottle of whisky from his room and sat with glass.
i gave him an angry look and asked, what is this anna, started drinking too early ?

hmmm hanisha, i was too tired after long driving and i need to drive again tonight for that i have to have deep sleep now, thats
why i need to have this.

i gave a angry look and went to kitchen.

i returned with egg fry and kept it infront of him, he already finished one round of whisky and lighted a cigarrate.
wow, you are so sweet sister, he said pinching my cheek and i sit in the sofa next to him.

did you like this dress hani, he asked releasing the smoke in my face.
yes anna, i was bit shy to wear this, but i liked it very much, i said inhaling the smoke by taking a deep breathe, i got used
to like this cigarrate and whisky smell as my dad used to drink and smoke inside home regularly.

thank you hanisha, i was bit worried whether you will like it or not, he said pulling me closer and i leaned over his chest with
my right boobs on his left chest.

my face close to his face, i could feel his breathe, i looked into his eyes, and asked, but why suddenly buying these modern
dress normally you will buy only chudithar or sarees.

hmmm, he looked at me, took the second round of whisky and emptied his glass into his stomach, and said, actually i have this
thought long back, want to see my beautiful sister in these type of dress,

you dirty anna, want to see your sister in these typr of dress, i asked with a smile and added, so how is your sister in
this dress
you dirty anna, want to see your sister in these typr of dress, i asked with a smile and added, so how is your sister in
this dress.

you are too sexy dear, he said kissing my cheek closer to my lips.

hmmm, i was again started to get turned on and asked my brother, so what is so sexy in this dress anna.

your silky white skin from neck to clevage and the bra straps that is visible from your shoulders to clevage and this tight
tops showing the exact shape of the round boobs were damn sexy hani, he said placing hand in my clevage smooching there and
gently moving it around my boobs.

take your hand da anna, i am your sister, i said with a blushing smile.

he gave a gently press at my boob and gave a kinky smile, i slapped his cheek and pushed his hands.

hani, if you like wearing revealing dress, i would buy more sexy dress dear,
more sexy means ? i asked
he winked, dress that show your white silky skin more, mini skirt that cover above your knees showing your thighs, more
low neck tops which will show your cleavage more, backless tops, low length tops that show your navel belly, he said with a
kinky smile and placed his lips in my neck, kissed my earlobes and side neck.

sss, anna, enough.
i too got horny and my pussy leaked a bit of juice hearing the lusty words of my bro.

i too kissed him all over his cheek and whispered in his ears, is that enough my dear bro or do you want to see your sister nude ?

no sister, thats wrong dont talk bad, your naked body belongs to your future husband. he said with a smile.

kumar is lucky guy to have such a beautiful girl like you, my brother said lighting one more cigaratte.
what ? i asked in a shock.

yes, hanisha, he loves you so much, he wants to marry you, he is the one gave me the idea of buying you these
type of sexy dresses, my bro said taking his 4th round of whisky.

kumar is a friend of my brother who works in a mechanic shop which is in the same street of our home.
are you mad, i asked angrily, he is such a ugly dirty creature, he teached you drinking, smoking and all sort of bad habits,
i myself want you to  break his friendship, he is such a womaniser, i myself seen him with quite few females, you want me
to marry him ? i shouted at my brother.

no hanisha, he drinks only weekly twice or thrice that too if he is too tired of work, you know he works hard in mechanic
shed and need to carry heavy weight bikes, his body will get pain, drinking will reduce his pain. Also he is not a womaniser,
he used to goto call girls or prostitutes that too monthly once and i am sure, if you agree to marry him, he wont go for call

so do i need to be permenent call girl for him doing sexual services ? i asked angrily.

no dear, he likes you very much, he is such a caring person, you donno the other side of him, he will do anything for friendship
and love, his parents died when he was child and he doesnt get the care and affection from them, he will do anything for me
and if you marry him he will treat you like a queen.. my bro said taking his 5th round..

he is just a bike mechanic spending his earnings in drink and call girls, if i marry him, i need to work as house maid to take
care of daily household expenses, i said harshly..

but my brother got heavy with drinks and in no mood to listen to me, this lips belongs to kumar hanisha, your boobs are waiting
for kumar to suck, your pusssssssyyyyyyyy.......he blabbered and dozed off to sleep.

i was bit upset with my brothers word, i tried to concentrate on other than thinking of being married to kumar,
did my household works till noon, took my lunch.

kumar is a dark guy, tall and lean almost of my brothers age, around 20 and he is childhood friend of my brother, he works
in that mechanic shop for more than 10 years and when brother was studying he used to go that ship in evening and have funtime.

he used to come to home frequently during  childhood days and even we 3 played together, but he slowly started to learn
bad habits like smoking, drinking and also influenced my brother on those habits, and in recent 1 year or so, whenever
he come to home, i could feel the whisky smell or cigaratte smell, he used to stare at me, look at my boobs, structure with
lusty eyes.

i tried to avoid him but since being a friend of my bro and also being a child hood friend, i couldnt avoid him much.
he used to flirt with me, sometime i like his flirts, sometime i hate those, he have a good sense of humour and will make me
laugh atleast once everytime he visit home, also as my bro told he used to help us whenever needed even my dad used to get
some urgent favours from him either through money or getting any work done.

i have a mixture of hate and like towards kumar but i couldnt think of marrying such a poor guy and lead a poor life.
i tried to take a nap in noon and slept on floor, suddenly my brothers word come to my mind, "this lips belongs to kumar hanisha,
your boobs are waiting for kumar to suck" and i felt like kumar sucking my nipple, i felt something inside my pussy,
kept my finger over my skirt slowly smooched my pussy, and went to sleep in few minutes.

i wake up around 5 PM, refreshed myself did some cleaning work, prepared coffee and have it thinking about the happeneings
with my brother.

he too waked up and refreshed himself. i gave coffee to him, he lighted a cigarrate.
are you angry with me dear, he asked looking at me.
i stood there without saying anything.

he pulled me and made me sit close to him, placed his arms in my shoulder.
i am sorry, i think drink too much and spoke out of my mind, he said pressing my shoulders.

did you remember what you said, i asked in a harsh tone.
hmmm, yes dear, i was saying about kumar is intrested with you and he wants to marry you.

hmmm, thats all you said ? i asked

what else ?

hmmm, you said, kumar is waiting to taste my lips, i said in alow tone.
is it ? did i say that, he said and touched my lips with his finger.

but it is true hani, he is waiting to taste this lips for long time now, he said with wink.
you rascal, this is the way you guys talk about me i said with a blush.

hmmm, he have true love with you, one day i caught him, starring at your photo in his mobile and i angryly asked about that,
then he said about his love and initialy i was against it, but later i realised he is true and then i agreed himm to marry you.

you know he have 100s of your photos in his mobile, donno how he took so many photos, he added.
i remember whenever he come home, he used to see his mobile lot of time, i thought he was browsing, he might have
take photo of me, let him come home, i will break his mobile. i said angrily.

my brother laughed and said, no use, he developed all those photos and framed it in his room wall. when he enters his room,
your photo hanged all over the walls and he will always watch those photo till he goto sleep.

i was bit taken back, i felt a chill under my belly imagining kumar watching my photo every day in and day out
(23-05-2020, 07:35 PM)i was bit taken back, i felt a chill under my belly imagining kumar watching my photo every day in and day out. Wrote: see, how much love he have for you, my bro said kissing my cheek.
enough bro, i cant marry such a poor guy, for my beauty, i will get married to a prince, i said proudly.

comeone hanisha, beauty will not stay for ever, so as  money, but real love will, you will be a queen for kumar, my
bro said kissing my forehead.

i looked at him unconvincingly and his phone rang.

think of a devil, it was kumar, my bro said and pick the call.
he chatted for a while and suddenly put the phone in speaker.

did your sister like those sexy dresses, kumar asked.
i gave a angry look at my bro and he gave a kinky smile, and said, yes machi, she liked it and was wearing one of those
sleeveless hot tops and knee lenght skirt.
i blushed at him and gave a slap in my bros face.
ayyo machi, i need to see her, in that dress, i will come in few minutes.

no no, dont come now, i got drank too much today and blabered about your love to my sister, she was
very angry.

youuuuu, you spoiled all my dreams of proposing your sister da, he said in a angry tone.

actually your friend saved you, if you proposed me, i would have slapped you with slipper, i shouted close to speaker.
suddenly he cut the call and my brother laughed to the core.

after few minutes there was knock in the door, and my bro went to open it, hi kumar, come da, i heared his words as i
was inside the bedroom, suddenly, i took a shawl and covered my clevage and boobs.

where is she da, i heared kumar asking.
inside the room.

i heared footsteps near my room and i stood there with beating heart.

kumar enters the room and gave a smile.
i looked at him angryly.

he came close to me, kneel down infront of me, and stretched his right hand with a rose, hanisha i thought of proposing you with a
golden ring, i also saved 90% of money to purchase it, i planned to propose you in a month or two after purchasing the
ring, but this nonsense guy blabbered you, i have no other choice, you are an angel hani, i love you more than anything
in this world, accept me dear, he said  lookin at my eyes.

my heart beating fast and words doesnt come from my mouth, i was looking at him angryly trying hard to control my blush.
get lost kumar, never ever dream about marrying me, i said harshly.

till then his left hand was behind his back, he slowly bought it infront, he was holding a slipper, hanisha, accept this
rose or slap me with this slipper., he said looking into my eyes.

i cant control my laugh now, i took the slipper from his hand, i bought it closely to his face like slapping but stopped,
gave a smile and walked away from the room.

i put the  slipper in its place and my bro said, hanisha, give coffee to kumar.
kumar too came out and sat next to my brother.

i think its whisky time for kumar, will you drink coffee, i asked with a kidding smile.
if my darling give coffee, i will mix it with whisky and drink, kumar said winking at me.

oh fine, let me mix some poison and prepare coffee for you, i said and went to kitchen.
sure dear, i will take anything from you, either with love or hate, kumar replied.

i was preparing coffee and felt a hand in my ass, i looked back and it was kumar.
without saying anything i continued my work,

he gently pressed my ass cheek above the skirt.

enough rascal, get out from here, if my brother saw you misbehaving with me, he will kick you, i said in a low voice.
he only told me to flirt with you in kitchen, he whispered near my ears.

sss, leave me kumar, i said in a husky tone.

hani, please remove the shawl that is coverring your beauty, i want to see those tressures, he said placing his arms in
my shoulders.

leave me rascal otherwise i will surely slap you with slipper.
hmmm, ok dear, he bring his arms down from my shoulder through my arms and held both my arms hugging me from
behind, you can beat me with slipper i will get it from you.

his cock was touching my ass cheek and i was getting horny by each of his moves.

hani, i want to taste your lips, i want to suck your boobs, i want to make you naked, make love with you day in and
day out, i love you so much honey, he said hugging me tightly whispering in my ears.

his words was sendign shiver in my spine, my legs getting week, my pussy getting wet, i bite my lips to control myself.

fine kumar, it is not love, you just have lust on me, you just need my white skin, my boobs and pussy, if
you have sex with me once you wont have any more love, i said in a low voice.

kumar insterted his nose into my hairs, i have lust on you hani its true, yes, i want to fuck you, but that lust turns into
love dear,the smell of your lengthy hair is turning me on, your hips were killing me, i need to haave sex with you, but above
all that, i love you a lot dear, he said pressing his hard cock into my ass crack.

kumar, please i am not your girl, i cant marry a poor bike mechanic like you, i need to marry a rich man and enjoy
my life, forget me kumar,

money is not the only thing that will give happiness, you will realise that one day honey, i will wait for you till that day, he
said, kissed my forehead and went out of kitchen.

after few minutes i make coffee and gave it him,

kumar sipped coffee starring at me, i too looked into his eyes.
we both spoke nothing but lot were running into our mind.

his words abouts his lust on me were keep on coming to my mind making my pussy wet, i like the way he openly say about
his lust on me, i like the way he said, that lust is the primary reason to fall in for me, i likes his openess,
i liked his trueness, i dont think anyone will say this openly while  proposing a girl, suddenly i thought of
kumar sucking my naked boobs, i blushed immediatly and put my face down so that he doesnt saw my blush.

i think i too fell for him, i smiled to myself.

i looked at him, he looked at my eyes and moved his eyes to my shawl covered boobs and signalled me to remove the shawl with his eyes.
i nodded my head with a blush saying no.

please, he begged through his eyes.

i smiled at him and shaked my head.

hello, whats happening, you both were speaking some sign language my brother interrupted.
nothing machi, i was asking her to remove her shawl, i think she is feeling shy since you are here, if you dont mind, can you
go inside, so that she can show her beautiful boobs to me, kumar said with a wink.

sure machi, he said with a kinky smile and walked away.

no anna, be here, i shouted but he doesnt listen.

immediatly kumar pulled me and make me sit next to him. he touhed my shawl and looked into my eyes and asked, shall i ?

i looked into his eyes without saying anything.
if you doesnt say anything, i will take it as yes, he said with a smile.

i again kept silent looking his eyes.

wow, that means yes, he winked and slowly pulled my shawl which was covering my clevage and boob shapes and throw it away.
he fixed his eyes in my clevage and boobs, he kept on starring my poping clevage and poking nipple, he literally raping me
throguh his eyes, i was looking at him to see how long he will stare, he placed his palm in my shoulder, roled his fingers
through the bra straps down to clevage and smooched my clevage.

i was looking at his eyes, it was filled with hunger, it was filled with lust, his looks made my pussy wet,
it was almost 15 minutes, even my brother came and sat next to me and gave a kinky smile at me but kumar still starring at
my mangoes.

anna, pls take him away, i said with blush.
arun, i need this da, kumar said pointing his fingers to my boobs.
anna, take that slipper, i am gonna slap your friend, i said with a smile.

kumar placed his palm in my cheek and moved his fingers over my lips, honey, i am ready to get slap from you, but for
each slap i will kiss your clevage, he said looking into my eyes.

i tried hard to control my smile and pushed him away, get lost kumar.

he stood up, smiled at me kinkily and left out.
i sat there controlling my blush for a while.

my bro also went after few minutes, as he need to drive outstaion picking his customers.

i prepared dinner for me and dad. i kept on blushing to myself, thinking of kumar, thinking of his stare at my body,
thinking of his lusty proposal, his hungry eyes kept on flshing at me, i couldnt concentrate on cooking.

dad came after sometime, we both had dinner and he went to sleep.

i was sitting in sofa, watching tv.
i got a beep tone in my mobile.
it was kumars message in whatsapp.

i smiled to myself and opened to message.

hi dear, kumars message
hmm, i replied.
i love you honey,
i hate you kumar, i replied and smiled to myself.
kumar : i know  one day you will love me,
me : is it ?
k : yes, that day, i will taste your lips
i made my lips wet unconciously and sent a angry smily
k : that day, i will suck your boobs,
i slowly lay down in the sofa and placed my hand in my boob.
k: i will make you topless,
i read the message, but without replying, i was playing hard with my mangoes.

k: i will bite your nipples.

sss, i let out a moan and insert my hand into my skirt.

k : i will hug you tightly even air cant pass inbetween us.

the letters he typed were came to my imagination, i was topless and kumar on top of me, sucking my boobs, bitting my nipples,
my fingers were inside my pussy, kumars lips were all over my face and lips making me wet ..

its been 10 mins since he sent his last message and no more message came, i was bit upset, was felt like shouting, comeon
kumar, what are you doing ??? i was eagerly expecting him to send the next message.

i was starring at his watsapp for 5 more minutes, he was online but not sending message.
i lost my control and typed, what else you will do kumar and sent the message.

as i sent that message, he went offline without reading it. i was watching it for 15 more minutes, but he never came online,
i read his earlier messages again and again and stroked my pussy and bursted out in few minutes.

i layed there taking heavy breathe and got dozed off.

it was 6Am when i wake up, i thought of what happened last night and smiled to myself.
suddenly that stuck my mind and opened watsapp whether he read my last message.

it was still unread and tried to delete it but when i was about to click the delete button, blue tick appeared and showed,
"kumar online"

i sat there putting my hand in head, "oh my god, what a blinder i did" he was describing how would he fuck me  and without
opposing anything i kept silent, and went one step ahead, and asked what else will you do..

kumar just now saw my message, how would he feel seeing my message, it would be a shocking surprise for him, now he surely
knows that i like that flirt, knowing this, what else will he do, that thought sent shiver in my spine.

i heared a beep tone, i took the phone immediatly and opened watsapp, it was not from kumar, i throw the phone in sofa angrily, 
stood up and went to do my morning chores.

i did my kitchen activites, took bath, shampoed my hair, had breakfast, sent my dad to office, dried my hair, then braid
my hair loosly, i put it infront and i have lengthy hair well below my hips.

i looked it in mirror, and i remember the words of kumar, "i like the smell of your hair, hanisha".
i too smelled it and smiled to myself.

it was around 10AM, i looked at my mobile, still kumar doesnt reply anything.

i was bit upset since he not replied, at the same time my other side of mind, what are you doing hanisha, are you going
to fall for a poor drunken guy, dont you see your beauty, does that ugly dark guy will match your beauty, your dream is
to marry a rich man and live a happy life, dont fall prey for this poor kumar.

yes, i will not fall for this kumar, i need to ignore him. next time if he try to flirt with me, i should respond angrily.
i decided myself and did some house hold work.
it was around 2pm, received beep tone.
it was message from kumar that reads "i will come to your home and tell you directly" its a reply to my message, "what
else will you do kumar"

no, dont come, i replied.
will be there in 10 minutes, he replied and went offline.
i went to mirror looked at myself, i was wearing a dirty nighty, i washed my face, applied light make up, removed nighty, wear
a tight pink leggins and white sleeveless tops, that run just till one or two inches below pussy which has cut in either side
of my hips, it has four buttons infront that started few inches below neck and the last button straight in the middle of
my boobs.

it was not too tight but tight enough to show the shape of my boobs, i wear a shawl to cover the boobs.

i looked myself in mirrorr and felt satisfied with my looks and exactly door bell rang.

i went to opend the door, looked at kumar and gave a angry look.
come on hanisha, leave way to come in.

my dad and brother was not in home, i am alone kumar, i said in a husky tone.
yes dear, i know, thats why i came now, he said with a wink.
no, i wont allow you, get lost from here, i said in a low voice.

he looked at me from top to bottom, and asked, are you going out anywhere ?
then why you dressed like this, seems you applied make up now only, is it to welcome me ? he asked with a naughty smile.
i tried hard to control my blush.

he placed his palm in my belly and pushed me in and he too came inside and locked the door.
kumar pls go out, i whispered in a low voice.

his hand in my belly keep on pushing me gently and i was walking back and he follwed me starring at my eyes.

i halted once my back hit the wall and he too came close and stood just inches away from me.
thanks hanisha, for getting ready applying make up and wearing new dress to welcome me, he said with a smile.

i was like this only from the morning, i didnt get ready to welcome you, i said in a firm tone.
is it, but someone saw you in dark brown nighty 30 minutes before, he said and gave a kinky smile.

i was bit shocked, how he know that, i couldnt control my blush.
you did everything perfect to look so hot cute and beautiful to welcom me hani, but one thing i dont like, he said
looking at mmy eyes.

i looked at him questioningly.

i dont like the shawl that covers your cute boobs, remove it he said with a wink.
i looked at him hesitatingly.
comeon hani, remve it, he said firmly in ordering tone.

i immediatly removed the shawl and throw it down.
he leaned on me, with his cock touching my thighs, hips on my hips and his left chest crushing my right boobs, he placed
one finger in my forehead and slowly move it down to my lips,  i love you hanisha.

i hate you kumar, i said with a smile.

his lust filled eyes, starring at my lips, while the finger in my lips moved from left to right and twisted my lips.
i stood there with wet pussy, eagerly waiting what kumar will do next.

his finger moved  from lips to ears and played with my hairs near my ears, i have a gift for you dear, he said and
removed couple of his shirt button and insert his hand inside his inner  baniyan and took jasmine flowers.

he bought it near my nose, it was filled with mised smell of jasmine and his sweat, i closed my eyes inhaled a deep breathe
and enjoyed the smell of his sweat.

turn around dear, he whispered closer to my ears.
i turned around facing the wall showing his back, he unserted the jasmine flowers in my hairs closer to neck and placed
his face on the flower, he moved other through the braided hair till my ass and pressed my ass along with the bottom of
the hair.

hanisha, the smell of your hair is turning me on dear, he whispered in my ears.
he leaned on my back with his cock in between my ass crack and his chest on my back, you know my lust on you started seeing
your long hair, especialy the bottom of the hair swaying from one ass to other ass, his lips touching my ears while speaking
and his hand crushing my ass firmly.

ssss, leave me kumar, i let out a moan and said in a husky tone.
but he was in no mood to leave me, he pushed his cock more firmly inside my ass crack and bought his hands infront of me
and tightly hugged me from back

what do you asked me yesterday dear, he placed his right cheek on my left cheek and asked in husky tone.
i didnt ask anything kumar, i said breathing heavily.

dont lie darling, he asked giving a gently bite in my cheek.

i asked what else you will do, i whispered.
what else means, he asked placing his lips in my ears.

my panties soking with wet pussy, my legs trembling, with shaking lips, "you said will do something if i say, i love you"..
what did i said honey, he whispered smooching his cheek on my cheek.

that you know na kumar, i said in husky tone.
i need to hear from you di, he said giving a press in my belly.

ssss, pls leave me kumar, i said in husky voice.

he slowly turned me around, leaned my back in wall and he leaned over me, with his cock pressing my pussy over my leggins
and his chest crushing my boobs.

he lifted my chin and looked into my eyes, tell me honey, he said rolling his finger in my lips.

i too looked at his eyes, you said you will taste my lips if i say i love you, i said with a blush.
hmmm, he said twisting my lips, he slowly bought his face closer to my ears and placed his one hand in my hips and asked,
did i say anything else, hanisha.

nothing else kumar, i said in a low voice.

he moved his hands from hip to my ass cheek and pushed it forward so that my pussy pressed his cock hardly, and whispered,
if you tell more lies, i will realy do now whatever i told, and let his tongue out and licked my earlobes.

he changed position and he leaned on the wall and bought his hands around my back and hugged me tightly and looked into my
eyes, eagerly waiting for my reply.

i let out a blushing smile, unable to see him, rested my head in his shoulder, in such a way my lips are closer to his
ears and whispered, kumar, you told you will suck my breasts.

ssss, did i say that, he said hugging me tighter and cupped both my ass cheek with his palm.

my pussy leaking its juice like a open tap and i let out a moan, hmmmm, yes kumar.

he placed his cheek in my cheek and whispered, which boob will i suck ? right or left ?
sss, that you didnt say kumar,

hmmm, ok, you tell me, which boob you want me suck and which nipple you need me to bite, once you say "i love you"

i wont say i love you, i said giving a hard bite in his neck.
ssss, he let out a cry and slapped my ass.

i will make you say one day, he said pressing my ass.

i lifted my head from his shoulder, looked into his eyes, placed my palm in his cheek and said, my dream is to marry
a rich man, kumar, i cant live a poor life with you.

come on hanisha, you are also poor girl like me, do you think a rich man will marry you, he asked seriously releasing
the hug.

but i am the most beautiful girl with perfect shapes that any men will fall for, i said with a wink.

hmmm, he let out a deep breathe, i could see the disappointment in his face, i was bit upset seeing that, but i like to tease
him, i like the way he is falling for me, i like the lust in his eyes, i realy need kumar to suck my boobs, but i need to make
him wait, i smiled to myself.

ok bye hanisha, i think its been more than half an hour, my owner will search, i need to go, he said and left to shop.

i was bit shocked, i know he was upset, but i dont think he will go immediatly, i felt bad for teasing him. i sat there
keeping my hands on head for almost 20 minutes not knowing how to make him. i was so happy from yesterday night till now,
but suddenly i spoiled his mood and i felt sad for hurting him.
i need to make him happy some how, what should i do. suddenly one thing came to my mind, took my mobile and typed, you
cheated me kumar and sent the message.

after few minutes got reply "what" and how i cheated you ?

before coming you told, you will say what else you will do but you left without saying that.
i will say tonight, he sent with a smily.

no need, i wont come online tonight.
he again sent a smiley.

after that he doesnt send any message, i also got busy with household work, meanwhile got a message from my brother saying,
he is on a trip to north india and will take more than a week to return.

after dinner, my dad slept in the room and i was laying in the sofa. i was thinking of the happening in the day with kumar
and blushed and smiled to myself, thinking of his lust and love, still i could feel his cock in my pussy and i was looking
at watsapp eagerly waiting for his message.

hi dear, message received from kumar.
hey dirty rascal, what are you doing, i replied.

k: i am having a round of whisky and thinking about your sexy body.
me - sorry kumar, i think i made you upset today
k : hmmm its ok hani,i was bit upset but i think its all good.
me : ??
k : you were so cute today, the jasmine smell and your body smell made me hot, if i was there for another 10 minutes, i would
have did whatever i told.
i moved my hands towards my pussy, and slowly smooched it above the pants.
me : you have that much courage ? would you taste my lips ?
k : hmmm, yes, not only that, i would have sucked your boobs.
me : i would have slapped you.
k : i would have bit your nipples.
me : ssss, kumar enough,  i replied inserting my finger into my pussy.
k : hani, my penis needs your pussy right now, you know how hard and erect now it is..
me : hmmm, i know
k : you know ? how  do you know ?
me : i felt it when you hugged me tightly kumaaar..
k : where did you felt it ?
me : in between my legssssss kumaar
k : do you want to feel moreeeeeee
me : noooooooo da rascalllll
k : but i need to feel it di....

i was feeling the rock solid cock pressing against my pussy so hard, i increased the spead of my fingers and with in few mins
my panties got soaked. i lay down taking deep breathe and fell as sleep.

next day around 10 AM got phone from my dads office, saying he met with accident and admitted in hospital, i was shocked to
the core and tears started to flow. i thought of calling my brother but he is in north india trip and i dont want to tell
this to him, without knowing what to do, i immediatly called kumar.

he rushed home in few minutes and we went to hospital, doctors said, my dad got head injury and some minor injuries in hand
and shoulders, and need to be operated immediatly which would cost around 2 lakhs.

i was crying all the way and hearing this  tears coming down as we dont have that much amount, my dad being a labour, he
dont have any savings and my brother also just working for past 1 year as driver and dont have any money.

kumar consoled me and informed doctors that he will arrange money and asked them to start the opreation, he asked me
to wait in hospital and he returned in an hour and paid the money.

me and kumar sitting outside the operation theater and i was still filled with tears.

he placed his arms around my shoulders and made my head rest on his shoulder,

dont worry hanisha, nothing will happen, i am there with you.
no kumar, my mom also died in an accident and from that time, dad struggled a lot without marrying and lived for us..
he took my palm and held it gently with his arms, carassed my forehead, i will take care, dont worry.

it took another 2 hours for opereation to complete and doctors said, he was safe now.
when we went to see him, he was still in unconcious stage.

kumar took me to near by canteen and forced me toeat something.
how did you arranged money kumar.
you dont think about that honey, you just take care of your dad, i will take care of yourself and the money needed.
i hugged him and said, thanks a lot kumar.
he kissed my forehead and patted my back, i will take care honey.

around 7pm dad got consious and he spoke normally and was moved to normal ward, doctors said, he need to be
in hospital for 3 more days and one person can stay with him.

kumar came with the list of medicines required. around 9 he bought us dinner and when i said, i will stay here, he said,
i will stay here, you go and take rest and come in the morning.

when i doesnt agree, he said, you can take care of him during day times since i need to goto work in day, and i
will be here at night.

then he dropped me at home and told me take rest without any worry.

next 3 days, kumar take care of everything, he bought medicines, he took care of dad at night, pick me up in the morning
and drop me in night at home, his eyes were red due to sleepless night since we need to give dad medicine every 2 hours,
he used to kept alarm in between sleep and give him the tablets, all these days, i dont see any sign of lust in his eyes.
he take care of myself and made sure i have taken food regularly, i could feel the love in his touches, in his eyes..

4th day, they discharged but doctor told he need to be in bed rest atlease for 10 more days so that wounds in hand and leg will
get cure.

that night around 8 my dad's manager kavin came to our home, he enquired about his health.
my dad introduced me to him. he starred at me from top to bottom, i was wearing a full lenght skirt and a half sleeve shirt of
my brothers, it was bit tight and my boobs were exposed, since i was in home, i missed to put the top 2 buttoms, that showed
a part of clevage as well. his eyes fixed on my boobs for a while, and said, i never imagined you would have such a beautiful
daughter selva.

so when will you return to work, manager asked.
doctor told to take rest for 10 days sir, i replied.
10 days, who will do your work, already there are lot of complaints and delays in room service, if you take 10 days leave
guests will vacate to a better hotel, he said in a angry tone.

but sir, doctor told to take rest, my dad said in a low voice.
doctor will say lot of things you join from tomorrow.
sir, dads legs were still week, pls sir, i said
i can understand hanisha, but already there are lot of issues, i cannot manage room service with a shortage of resource for 10 more days,
i need to have one person immediatly, if i hire someone new, i cannot take back your dad, i am telling for your good only, he
said starring at my clevage.

but sir, he cant even walk properly now,
he stood and came behind me, placed his hand in my shoulders and said, selva, i can do onething, send your daughter on behalf
of you, i will put her in reception and ask that reception guy to take care of your room service work.

but sir, she donno anything.

come on selva, its a simple job, i will teach her in few hours, just need to welcome customers, hear their queries and address
it through respective department and take care of room booking and payments, what do you say hanisha, he asked close to
my ears.

sure sir, i will join, i said in a happy tone.
but sir, my dad interupted to say somthing,

appa, dont worry, i will take care, i said with a smile.

thats good hanisha, he said patting my cheek, dont worry selva, i will take care of your cute little daughter, he said, pinching
my cheek.

but sir, my dad was about to say  something but manager interupted, comeon selva, if you need to comeback to work after 10 days
leave send your daughter else i will recruit a new person ..

hmmm, ok sir, my dad replied in low tone
ok then, i will leave.

sir, 5 minutes sir, i will give you coffee.
hmmm, ok he said, i went to kitchen to prepare.

i started to heat the milk and in couple of minutes, manager came and stand next to me.
he looked me from top to bottom and stared at my boobs, i felt bit uncomfortable and concentrated on heating milk

your dad is not fully happy to send you to work, he said looking at me.
hmmm, yes sir, since i studied only till 12th, he worries about my qualification and knowledge and i also never did any job,
i replied.

he came behind me, placed both his arms in my arms few inches below shoulders and whispered in my ears,
your beauty is your qulaification hanisha

i stood there taking coffee powder and glass.

r u intrested to come to work hanisha ? he asked moving his hand to my shoulders.
i could feel his breathe close to my ears, i was getting goosebumps due to his soft touches.

hmmm, yes sir, i said in a husky tone.

he slowly moved to my right side with his left arm still in my left shoulder, he placed his other hand in my chin and lifted
my face and looked into my eyes.

i too looked into his eyes and he moved his hand from my chin and placed his palm in my left cheek, having a beautiful girl
like you in reception will increase our customers, and they will stay one or 2 days more to see your beauty, he said with a wink.

i gave a blushing smile.

i not only need you as a backup for your dads absence, if you do well, i will give you a permenent job, he said pressing
my cheek slowly.

hmmm, ok sir, but i dont think dad will agree.

you dont worry hani, i will make him agree, but i need to know whether you are really intrested he asked pulling me closer to
him and almost hugging me from side.

hmmm, yes ir, i am intrested to work, i said in low voice.

thats good hanisha, he said giving a gentle pinch in my cheek.

milk is ready and i moved front to prepare coffee.
he too took his hands and moved behind me and stood closer to my back.

wow, hanisha, your have beautiful hairs, he said touchning my back head and slowly moved his hand along with my braided hair
touching my back and slowly his hands moving to the bottom of the hair, closer to my ass.

i was getting nervous and horny by his touches, i bite my lips, hold the cups tightly and his hands pressed my ass in the
pretext of touching my hairs.

sir, your coffee is ready, i said shakingly, turned around and gave him the glass,

he took the glass and started to drink it starring at my boob curves.
his eyes constantly moved from my boobs to lips and looked my eyes, i couldnt withstand his stairs, put my heads down.

he slowly drank the coffee without taking the eyes away from me.
he returned the cup, and said, bye cute girl, see you tomorow at hotel with a kinky smile.

i too smiled back.

what he said, my dad asked when i went to his room.
nothing dad, he was just saying about work.
are you ok to go to work ? he asked with a concern,

yes apppa, i am heavily bored sitting in him, i am happy to work.
but this manager kavin is very angry and short temper, if you do any mistake, he will scold badly.

its ok dad, i will take care, i said firmly. and return to prepare dinner.

though i said confidently to dad, i was bit confused. yes i like to go to work, feeling so bored in the home all the day,
i was happy and excited when manger offered me job but i doubt his intentions, though i felt sexualy aroused by his touches
and stares i dont like it, i had a feeling of ugly insect moving on my body when he stared me from top to bottom. i was
worried i might need to face this daily if i goto work.

suddenly kumar came to my mind, his touches and that day when he come here at noon, how he hugged me tightly made me lean on
wall, pressed my ass, hips, it suddenly gave me goosebumps and instant arousal. i blushed to myself, i was thinking why kumars
touches made me more hot and horny, why i liked it and why i dont like when manager kavin did the same.

its been nearly 5 days since i saw that lusty kumar, after that since my dad is in hospital, he doesnt behaved like that,
i dont see those lusty eyes, he consoled me when i was down, he took care of me when i was upset, he made sure i am ok,
he take care of dad, he had sleepless nights, i felt i was missing those lusty eyes. i need to see it, i think i need to
speek to him about the job, i need to tell him my confusion, i need him badly, if i see him now, i think all my worries will
be gone.

i called him.
i called him.

hi kumar
hello hanisha,
seems you are too busy ?
no not really..

why dont you call all day ? i asked
hmmm, sorry i have quite a few bike to repair, thats why..

kumar, i need to see you, i said in a husky voice.
sure hani, i will come there in 30 minutes.

i said ok and cut the call.

i gave dinner to dad  and cleaned vessels.

kumar came after 30 minutes.

i welcomed him with a smile.
he enquired about dad.

he is fine kumar, i said.
he went inside and spoke to dad.

how are feeling uncle.
i am fine kumar, there is no pain today, 

did you take medicines uncle,
yes kumar.
hanisha, let me know once these medicines were over, i will buy
hmmm, thanks kumar.

thank you so much kumar, you helped us a lot, i couldnt imagine how she will handle this and also my son got stuck in north
india in this time, really thanks kumar.

its ok uncle, i am here to help you always.

did you have dinner kumar ?
no uncle, i will go home and take,.
why dont you have it here kumar, hanisha, can you prepare dinner for him.
hmmm, yes appa.

no uncle i will go home and eat.
no kumar, you should have it here.
no uncle, i planned to have some drinks before eating, he said hesitatinngly.

oh fine, kumar, you can drink here and take food.
but uncle, how can i drink here ?

its ok kumar, i know you and my son already drank here when we were away, he said with a wink.
yes uncle, but now you and hanisha was here, i think hanisha will not like that.

she wont say anything kumar, she prepare us good side dish when i drink at home, even he did the same to her brother, even i
also like to join you but i was in medicines, hani do you mind kumar drinks here.

no appa, i said giving angry look at kumar.

ok kumar, then you carry on, i think i will sleep, i feel drousy due to medicines, also no need to go hom after driniking,
sleep here itself.
hmmm, ok uncle.

we switched off the room lights and came out closing the door.

hani, can you bring some water and glass, he said taking out the whisky bottle from his pant.
get lost, dont drink here, i said in a angry tone.
he laughed at me, i have your dads permission, also i need some side dish.

i slapped his cheek, he held my hands and looked into my eyes.

hmmm, why did you called me hanisha ?
nothing kumar, just felt to see you and chat with you.
hmmmm, lets chat whole night dear, he said with a wink.
i dont want to speak with a drinker,

he pulled me closer and hugged me gently.
leave me kumar, what are you doing, dad is inside.
he is in medicines, he wont wake up till morning, we can do anything, he said with a kinky smile.

thank you kumar, i said looking his eyes.
thanks for what ?

for everything kumar, i said resting my head in his shoulders, thanks for taking care of my dad, thanks for taking care of me,
i slowly bought both my hands around his back and hugged lightly, without you i donno what would happened to me in the
past 4 days, i got bit emotional and tears filled my eyes.

he pulled my chin, looked into my eyes, and kissed my forehead, anything for you hani, he said whipping of my tears.
how much did you spend totally kumar ?
why ?
i need to repay you na ?

how you will pay, either your brother or dad can pay, but no need hani, i will manage, its your dad, i will take care.

you know kumar, i got a job my dad manager offered receptionist job in his hotel, i can pay, i said.
wow, congrats hanisha, he said happily.

we were hugging gently for almost 10 minuts, my boobs were in his chest, my pussy were touching his cock, but it was not
erect, i dont see any lust in his eyes, still i could see only love in his eyes.

what happened to you kumar ? i asked
why ?
what happened to those lust in your eyes, its been almost 5 days since i saw that ? i asked with kinky smile.
he laughed outand said, come on hani, you were upset due to your dads accident, how can i show my lust when you are in this
situation, he asked looking into my eyes.

hmmm, now dad is almost recovered, i am not upset now, i said in a husky tone.
wow super hani, he said hugging me tightly moving his hands to my ass cheek, dont worry, i will show all my lust on you, he
whispered close to my ear, with his lips touching my ear lobes.

sss, leave me rascal, i said and pushed him away.

what side dish you need mr.drinker, i asked.

he pulled me again hugged me tightly, placed his cheek in my cheek and whispered in my ears, i need you dear, his hands
roamed over my back, pressing hardly, i will drink whisky and eat you, i need your lips, i need your cheek, i will lick your
boobs like pickle, i need you navel, i will bite your pussy, his hands now pressing my ass cheek harder and my pussy pressing
his rock solid cock.

sss, leave me rascal, i said with a moan

you only asked me to show my lust, he said gently biting my cheek.
i too bought my hands to his back and hugged him, sssss, kumar, leave me, my dad is inside, if he wake up and came out to goto
wash room, amd see you doing this, he will slap you daaa.

dont worry about your dad hani, i alreay told him that i love his daughter and want to marry her.
i looked him shockingly and asked, what he said ?

he said, he was happy to make me his son in law and will agree if you said ok to marry me.
hmmm, but i wont accept  to marry you rascal, i said with a kinky smile.

i could see the bit of disappointment in his eyes, i like the way he is dying for me, i like the way he is taking care of me,
i like the way how eagerly he is expressing his love waiting for me to accept, i want to enjoy that, i want to tease him more,
i want to prolong this as long as possible before i say, yes kumar, i will marry you.

i love you hanisha, he said looking at my eyes.
i hate you kumar, i said hugging him tightly.
comeon hani, please tell me i love you, i cant wait anymore, i need your lips, i need your nipple, i need to ride your pussy,
he said hugging me hard, my boobs, crushing against his chest, his cock pressing against my pussy above my panties and skirt,
and my pussy made my panties wet.

hmmm kumar, though i dont want to marry you, i like you, without you my dad might not be alive now, you are the reason for
my happiness today, take me kumar, take my lips, suck my boobs, lick my nipples, ride my pussy, i said hugging him hard.

he looked at my eyes and i could feel the happiness in his eyes, hearing my words, even i felt his cock grown a bit harder.

thanks dear, but i will take all those only if you are ready to marry me, i will ride your pussy only if you said, you love me.
i couldnt beleive his words, till now i beleived he has more lust on me than love, but i felt so happy that he doesnt need just
my skin.

are you sure kumar, i looked at him in disbeleif, my eyes filled with tears and i struggled to hide it from him.
he kissed my forehead and said, i love you,

so you dont want to eat me as side dish for your whisky tonight, i asked with a kinky smile.
you dont want to lick my nipples like pickle, i winked.
no, he smiled.

so what side dish you want drinker,
hmmm, get me some omelet he said

ok, i said and went to kitchen, and bring him water and glass for mixing.
i made 3 spicy omelet with peper and returned and kept it in the table, infront of sofa.

it looks like he already finished one round and preparing his next.

i sit close to him, tell me da, how much you paid for hospital.
he placed his arm around my shoulder

leave it hani, i will take care,
tell me kumar, i know it is more than 2.5 lakhs, i know you will not have that much amount, tell me how much and how did you
manage, did you borrowed it for interest ?

r u happy to goto work hanisha ? he asked changing the topic.
i too decided not to force him now and said, yes kumar, i am very much excited, i never imagined i will get a job for my qualification,
i was bored sitting in home, i am really happy but...

but... ? kumar asked taking his second round.

but i dont like that manager, he was too harsh to my dad, and he starred at my boobs, he touched my ass.. i said in a low tone.

he looked at me with worried eyes, then dont go to job hanisha.
no kumar i cant, i said about managers condition or my dad will loose job and it will be difficult for my brother to meet
daily expenses.

its ok, hanisha, i will take care of everything, he said firmly looking at my eyes.
thanks kumar, but you already did a lot and we already owe you, i cant burden you more..

he took a cigarrate and stood up, i will  go out and smoke and come.
i pulled him and made him sit and said, smoke hear itself kumar,

but you cant able to...

my dad smoke here, my brother smoke here, i like this smell kumar, i said taking the lighter from him and lighted his cigarate.
you can release the smoke in my face, i said bringing my smoke closer to his face and placed my palm in his cheek.

he released the smoke and i inhaled it with a smile and winked at him.

i like the mix of whisky plus smoke smell, i said smilingly.

hani, what if the manager misbehaved with you in hotel.
i have to adjust kumar, no other choice, i need that work badly, i said in a sad tone.

he pulled me and made me sit in his lap, looked into my eyes, let me tell you onething, dont do anything that you dont like,
you have to enjoy the work you do, you should not do work just for money, you should like it, you should enjoy doing your job,
he said drinking the third glass of whisky.

i looked at him and said, i like to do work kumar, but i donno how i will feel if he come close touch me here and there inappropriatly.

you have 2 choices hanisha, either quite the job or enjoy his touches, he said with a wink.
i blushed at him and gave a false angry look, you rascal kumar, you want your lover to enjoy some other mens touch.

i love you so much hanisha, i dont want anyone to misbehave with you  without your consent, but you are in such situation
better enjoy his touches and stares, or quit the job i will take care of you, he said hugging me gently.

i too placed both my arms around his shoulders and placed my cheek in his cheek.

his hands roamed over my back moved to my hip and pressed it above the shirt, did you enjoy my touches hani ? he whispered
in my ears.

hmmmm, yes kumar..i said gently bitting his earlobes.

same way enjoy if your manager touches you hani.

i slapped him, you dirty rascal, there is difference between you and him, your touches are with love, his were only lust.
he hugged me tightly and my boobs were crushing his shoulders, yes hani, i too have lot of lust on you, that lust only
turned into love, you are such a beauty hanisha, all men will have lust on you, no one can control seeing yourlips
or seeing you boobs / ass curve, he said touching my earlobes with his lips and tongue.

hmmm, i moaned..

honey, i am feeling too hot and sweaty, do you ming if you remove my shirt.
i smiled at him and removed his shirt buttons and make him topless.

he took one more glass of whisky and lighted a cigarette.
i bought my nose close to his lips and placed it in his lips and said, i like this smell kumar. i placed my arms in his
chest and romaed it over his bare body.

he let out his tongue and touched my nose tips, whisky smell turning me on and my pussy started to leak like apipe water.
honey , give me your brothers shorts, this jeans is too difficult to wear in this hot climate.

i moved my hands to his jeans, slowly pulled his zip down and removed the button, do you  need shorts kumar, i dont
mind if you stay with inners, i said placing my lips in his chin inserting my nose into his lips.

he sucked and licked my nose, i inhaled the smell of whisky, saliva and cigaratee, i pressed my hands in his tool, stand up
kumar, let me remove your pant.

i get up from his lap and winked at him.

he was bit confused with my activities and stood up with shaking legs, he was bit high now due to the whisky. i pulled his
pants down sitting in the sofa and hugged him, placing my cheek in his tools over his underwear, i bought my hands to his back
and inserted it inside inners and pressed his ass cheeks, he unable to stand hold my head for support and pressed
it over his cock, i let out my tongue and licked the precum that was oozing from his inners.

leave me honey, he said roaming his hands all over my cheek and shoulders.

hmmm, i moved my lips all over his inners and genlty bite his cock. he suddenly came to senses and pulled me from sofa.
i immediatly hugged him tightly and said, fuck me kumar, you made me hot.

will you marry me hanisha ?

no da, i slapped his cheek.

he pushed me to sofa, took the last round of whisky and emptied it in stomach and went to washroom. i heared the peeing sound
for a while and he returned washing his face.

hanisha, do you have anything for dinner ?

we both had our dinner with some chit chats.

you sleep in sofa, i will sleep in floor, i said after finishing dinner.

no, we both will sleep in sofa, he whishpered in my ears.
ssss, it will not comfortable kumar, only one can sleep in sofa, i said in husky tone.

i need to sleep hugging you tightly hanisha, he said pressing my ass cheek, shall we ?
hmmmm, i moaned.

we switched off the lights and turned on the night lamp.
i slept in the inner end, facing sofa, and he layed next to me facing my back, we kept out head in hand rest.

he placed his arms around my belly and hugged me tightly, his face close to my shoulders and i could feel his breathe near my
side neck.his cock pressing my ass crack above my skirt.

he moved his hands from my belly to my clevage and removed one shirt button.
sss, kumar, what are you doing.

remove your shirt di, i need to feel your skin in my body, he said licking my earlobes.
no kumar, i said in husky voice.

he moved his hand and removed my second button.

leave me kumar,

he placed his lips in my shoulder and gently bite my shoulder.

he swiftly removed other buttons made my shirt open, and pressed my belly. he touhced my feet with his feet and slowly
moved the skirt up.

his lips roamed over my side neck, licking my neck and cheek.
he tried to pull the shirt out of my sleeves but i held it tightly.

hani, pls take it off, he said placing his lips in my earlobes.
tell me i will fuck you, i will remove everything, i said in a husky tone.
no di, just need to feel your warmth...

then shut up and sleep..

he pressed my belly hard and pinched it, gave a bite in my cheek.
its paining kumaar, i moaned.

he layed there without doing anything for few minutes and then  i heared his snoaring  sound.
i slowly getup after few minutes, looked at his buldging tool, kissed his cheek, you want to feel my warmth kumar ? i whishpered
with smile.

i removed my shirt and put in floor, pulled my skirt down to my thighs, and layed facing him, hugged him tightly.
feel my skin kumaar, i whispered.

i pressed my pussy over his penis, placed one leg above his legs and pushed his ass hardly so that his heavy cock, pressing
my pussy hard.

he was in deep sleep due to the drink he taken and he not showed any movement after i did all these.

i kissed his cheek and said, i love you kumar.

i placed my lips in his lips and asked, when are you going to marry me kumaar.

i sucked his lips and inhaled the whisky smell, that made my pussy leaking.
i placed my hand in his back neck and pulled his head closer and let my tongue out and licked his lips.

suddenly i heared the room door opening, oh my god, dad has waked up, how could it possible with such heavy medicines.
i donno what to do now, me and kumar sleeping semi naked in a sofa hugging each other, how would he react now ?

i have no other choice to pretend as sleep.

i heared the sound of dad using the wash room and after few minutes, i heared his foot steps closer to me.
after a while, i heared the soind of lighter and then cigarate smoke smell.

oh god, dad is smoking here watching us.

i suddenly felt a finger touching my hips, sss, my dad touching my hips, the thought instantly aroused me and his fingers
moved slowly to my ass cheeks.

he placed his palm and gave a gentle press and took it suddenly.

i thought how he got turned on seeing me in a sexy dress the first time, i weared and now seeing me in bra and panties
in a night lamp will sure turnn on my dad who doesnt had sex since my moms death at his age of 35.

i felt bit pity for him and also excited to know what he will do nextm in few secons i again felt his
hands just above my panties and he slowly moved it inside my panties touching my ass cheek.

i bite my lips to control my moan. his hands slowly pressing my ass cheeks moved over both my ass and i opened my eyes slightly
and bit shocked to see my dad holding his cock in his other hand and shaking it hard.

oh my god, my dad is shaking pressing his daughters ass, that turned on me a lot and it was too difficult to me to control
my moan.

hmm, i moaned slowly.

suddenly he took his hands off and walked inside the room.
i felt bit guilty, i slapped my cheeks, i should have controlled atleast till he jerk off.

i slept after few minutes.

i got waked up as i felt some difficulties in breathing.
when i opened my eyes, i was laying on top of kumar and he was hugging me tightly pressing my back, i felt his wet tongue
touching my cheek.

i lifted my head and looked into him.

you dirty rascal leave me, i said trying to get up from him.
he pulled me and i fall over him with my breasts crushing his chest.

you removed my shirts, i acted shockingly and slap his cheek showing some anger.
no hani, i didnt remove it, he said innocently.

then who ? dont lie,

his hands roamed over my back and pressed my ass cheek.
sss, you removed my skirt also, i bite his cheek.

no dear, when i woke up, you are not wearing your shirt and your skirt is well below your knees, i didnt do anything honey.
dont lie, i said with a smile.

honey, he whispered in my ears.
shall i fuck you ?
you said, you will fuck me only if i accept to marry you, i asked.

but i cant contol now hanisha, i need to fuck you now, i need your pussy now, he said pressing his cock over my pussy.
sss, no, yesterday night i asked you to fuck me, you denied, now leave me i dont want your cock, if you are too hot go
and fuck a prostitute.

he pushed my cheek to his cheek and smooched his cheek all over my cheek and neck, i was getting goosebumps and my pussy
leaked a drop, will you be my prostitute now hani, he whispered licking my ears.

ssss, leave me rascal.

his hands roamed over my ass and moved it slowly up and down making my pussy moving above his hard cock.

how many call girls have you fucked , kumaar, i asked biting his cheek.
hmmm, why di...

tell me kumar, i asked hugging him hard, licking his cheek with my tongue.

somewhere around 10 hani, i used to go once in a month for past one year, and if your pussy doors were open to me,
i wont knock their doors, he said with a wink.'

hmmm, i looked his eyes, so you just need me to fill your loads inside me instead of paying a bitch.
he slowly moved me down and came on top of me, hold my cheeks, looked into my eyes, i will pay you through my love instead
of money, he said kissing my forehead.

i too hugged him and said, hmmm, leave me kumar.

shall i fuck you dear, he said kissing my cheek, licking my lips, his hands removed the hook of my bra and squeezed my hips.

hmm, leave  me kumar, i said kissing his ears, moving my hands into his inners and crussing his ass.

his lips moved to my neck and shoulders and gently sucking and biting.
leave me kumar, my dad is inside and may wake up anytime.

dont worry dear, even if he comeout and see us in this position, he will go inside without making any sound and will wait
till his daughters pussy is fully filled, he said kissing my earlobes.

hmmm, leave me da raascal..

or even he may guide me how to fuck his daughter, where to kiss her, where to lick her, which will make her horny, he
said looking at me smilingly.

i slapped his cheek and blushed at him, you dirty fellow, dont take bad about my dad.

he slowly pulled the bra straps from my left shoulder and was halfway through my hand and suddenly heared the alarm sound
from my mobile.

oh my god, its 6 AM, i said pushing him from me.
hani, pls 5 more minutes, i will finish it off,

i stood up from sofa, switched off the alarm and put my bra hooks. he too sat in sofa and pulled me and hugged me placing his
cheek inches above my panties.

i placed my hand on his head and tried to push it away.

he held my ass with one hand and placed the other palm in my pussy over the panties.
its so hot and wet hani..

hmm, i moaned.

he moved his cheek a bit down and placed it in my panties.

kumar, what are you doing.
2 minutes pls, he said licking my pussy above my panties and insert one finger into pussy hole through the panty cloth.

i couldnt control any more, pushed his head harder to my pussy, lifted my feet so that his face fully covered my pussy.
my pussy burst out in couple of minutes and made my panties soak in my orgasm.

i pushed him, took my skirt went to washroom removed the panties, cleaned myself and weared the skirt and came out.
kumar dressed himself and ready to go home.

he hugged me and kissed my forehead.

what time you need to go to work.
i will come and drop you.
hmmm, i said kissing his cheek.

convey my thanks to your dad, for allowing me to sleep with his daughter, he said with a wink.
i slapped his cheek and smiled with blush.

once he left, i done my morning chores, thinking of how to face my dad and how he will react after he saw us in that
state yesterday night.

i was preparing coffee, and i saw dad coming to the kitchen.

good morning hanisha, he said with a smile.
good morning dad,
good morning hanisha, he said with a smile.
good morning dad,

where is kumar ?
he left an hour before.

hmmm, he came closer to me and looked my eyes, seems you two had a good romance yesterday, he asked with awink.
i looked at him with a shock, i didnt expect he will ask this directly.

no, no appa, not like that, i was trembling to say something.

hmmm, cool hanisha, i came out midnight to use washroom, saw both of you were just wearing inners, slept hugging each other
in the sofa, he said with a kinky smile.

i blushed at him and put my heads down in shy.

he came closer, lifted my chin, looked at me and asked, i know kumar already said he has interest to marry you, do you love him ?
hmm, yes appa.
are you ready to marry him,
yes dad.

then, i will spoke to him will arrange for marraige soon.
hmmm, no dad, dont speak,

why dear..
i didnt told him about my love, i was teasing him that i wont marry him, i want to play with for sometime. pls wait till i tell
you dad.

hmmm ok, but dont make him wait long, he loves you so much.
yes dad, i know.

i will tell you one thing that you dontknow, when i was in hospital the owner of his mechanic shop came to visit me, you know
he is my friend, he took care of all the medical expense from the money he saved to open his own mechanic shop. my friend tole
me that kumar was about to start his own shop in weeks time and alse he resigned from this shop but he spend all the money
for my medical expense and again started to work in this shop.

you know he throw away his dream of opening a shop and treated me because i am his lovers dad, it was almost 3 laksh and he
need to work for years to save this money.

my eyes filled with tears hearing this, i couldnt say anything, i felt so much happy donno how to express and tears rolled
down from my eyes.

my dad hugged me , wiped of the tears and kissed my cheek, you are such a lucky to have a guy like kumar, you play with him,
tease him, but always make him happy, you are his world, dont do anything that will make him sad even for a while.

hmmm, sure dad, i will always make him happy, i said placing my head in his shoulders.
he lifted my chin, looked at me ,also dont worry about my presence in home, whenever he comes home, you can romance with him,
even if you need bedroom you signall me go out, i will go out, he said with a wink.

i blushed at him and put my heads down in shy.
what hanisha, are you feeling shy, he asked with a smile, hugging me tightly.
hmm, i blushed again.
where this shy gone, when you are sleeping with him in bra and panties hugging him hard, with your lips touching his lips, he
said roaming his hands all over my back.

hmm, i blushed again.
you look so beautiful and hot in those bra and panties, kumar is lucky guy to have a sexy girl like you, he said with a wink.

sssss, appa, enough..i said hugging him tighter, resting my head in his shoulder.
take care you doesnt get pregnent before marraige, he said placing his palm in my cheek and rolled his finger over my earlobes.

hmmm, his words turned me on and i pushed my pussy harder to his cock and felt his strong cock.

let me buy few condoms and keep it ready in home, you may need it anytime, he said moving his palm to my back neck and squeezing
my neck.

ssss, dad, pls dont speak anymore, i am getting hot hearing these from you, i said with a blush.
you made me hot yesterday sleeping in bra and panties, now it is my turn to make you hot, he said with a kinky smile.

i pushed him and got released from his hug and blushed at him.

he kissed my cheek and smiled at me. enough making your daughter hot, its getting late for me, i said with smile.

i then prepared coffee, breakfast and lunch for my dad, all the time, he was roaming around me, giving me naughty smiles,
making me blush, smile, laugh out.

once i finished with kitchen work, i went to take bath. usually i will wear my dress inside the bathroom if my dad or bro
at home, today i got a kinky feeling and went with just towel.

i took bath, dried myself and wrapped the towel around my boobs that came till my knees and came out of batroom.
my dad was in bedroom reading news paper.

i went inside and opened the cupboard and took petticoat, panties, bra(pink color inners) , blouse(black) and red saree.

dad starring at my clevage popping out from towel.
i looked at him and took my panties and insert my legs and pulled it till my thighs, my dad was looking eagerly at my
thighs expecting me to pull it further up to see if there is a chance to see my pussy.

i stopped, gave a kinky smile turned around and pulled it further and made sure ass was not visible to him while pulling it up fully.
dad can you pls go out till your daughter change her dress , i said.

i already saw you in bra and panties but that was in night lamp, i need to see you in daylight with that hanish, he
said with a wink.

i gave him a blusshing smile, turned around showing him my back, took the bra rolled it over my arms, removed the towl that
was wrapped on my boobs and it fall down on the floor, showing my full naked back till my ass to my dad.

i covered my boobs with bra and turned my neck to see my dad starring at my ass and back.

he stood up and came closer to me, touched my ass and said, i will help you to put the bra hooks hanisa.
hmmm, thanks appa,

once he finished hooking the bra, he placed his hand in my bare back and moved it from top to bottom.

turned around dear, and show me the beauty of your other side, he said kissing my cheek.

i turned around and leaned on the wall and waited for a while, as my dad, starred me from top to bottom, his eyes were in
my clevage, in my navel, and in thighs.

my nipple start to poke over my pink color bra, looking at his stares.

enough seeing your daughter dad, i said in a low tone.
he gently leaned over me, placed one hand in the wall and one in my cheek, you are such a sexy girl hanisha, kumar is the
luckiest guy to have these beauty, dont make him wait long, he said kissing my cheek.


he moved his lips to my ears, did he already came inside you yesterday ? he whispered with his lips touching my earlobes.

sss, no appa, i let out a blush.
why da ? he asked looking into my eyes.

i felt too shy and put my head down.

are you ready to take him inside you, he asked placing his hand in my cheek.
i blushed and nodded my head.

wow, then are you ok if that happens tonight ? he asked hugging me and he slowly turned me around and he leaned on the wall
and i leaned over him and rested my head in his shoulders.

hmmm, i let out a moan.

his hands smooched  my bare back and touched my ass cheek above panties

supre dear, i will arrange your first night, tonight, he said kissing my cheek.
sssss, i let out a moan as his hands moved to my back neck and gently carrassed .

will you show your love to kumar tonight in bed and make him happpy, he asked lifting my chin and looking at me.
hmmm, yes appa, i said with a blushing smile.

he kissed my forehead, thats good dear, he loves you so much and he throw away his dream of opening a own shop  to make you
happy, you should return all those happiness to him.

hmmmm, yes appa, i will, i said with a shy smile.

i am so happy and proud of you dear, he said kissing my chin.

dad, its getting late, i need to get ready, i said looking at his eyes which is starring at my clevage.
hmmm, you are so sexy in this dress, and i want to keep seeing you like this dear, he said looking at my poking nipple.

i blushed at him, took my blouse and started to wear.
he let out a deep breathe watching me putting my blouse hooks, it was thin material with short sleeve, just inches below
my shoulder, with a deep neck just covering the clevage and also half of my back is visible as it covers just inches
above the bra starapes.

i then put my petticoat covering my navel, then dried my hair with hair dryer before wearing saree and let my dad enjoy looking at my boobs
and belly.

he winked at me looking at my boobs and said kumar is really lucky to have these cute melons.
i blushed at him and braided my hair loosely near the back neck.

i think manager kavin is a smart fellow, he offered you receptioninst job thinking a beautiful girl like you in reception
will increase the customers and he will get good name from the owner.

i smiled at him with a blush.

enough sighting your daughters boobs, let me wear the saree, i said with a kinky smile and took the red saree.

he pulled me and hugged me from behind and said, you have cute and sexiest pair of breasts dear, hmmmm, from today
kumar is the owner for those, i donno how he will handle those, he said kissing my side neck, shall i tell him to handle
it soft and gentle, dear, he asked kissing my earlobes.

appaaa, that and all, i will tell to kumar how to handle those, i said blushingly and pushed him away.
he gave a kinky smile and went out of the room.

i looked at mirror, my boobs and hips, i felt it was too hot and sexy, suddenly felt kumar crushing and sucking those melons,
i smiled to myself started to cover my assets with the red saree.

we ate breakfast and dad gave me some tips on how to do my work as a receptionist.
i listened to him carefully and he also said, manager kavin is a short temper guy and will get angry soon, but he is a nice
person, so make sure you doesnt make anymistake, he will shout like hell.

hmmm, ok appa.

kumar came around 8.30 to pick me up.
hi uncle,  how are you today.
hmmm, yes kumar i am fine, these medicines curing me faster than expected.
nice to hear uncle, also thank you uncle for allowing me to drink and stay here yesterday.

oh, its like your home kumar, you can come anytime, drink, stay, feel like your home.

thank you so much uncle, where is hanisha ?
she is inside, doing some makeup.

he came in and i finished my makeup and looked at him.
wow, hani, you looks like an angel, he said looking at me from top to bottom.

he took jasmine flowers from his bag and i turned around him showing my back and he clipped it my hairs and smelled it,
hugging me gently.

i turned around pushed him to the wall and kissed his cheek.
sorry kumar, i said looking him
why hani ?
today you made my panties wet but i didnt do anything to you, i disappointed you, i said leaning over him and kissed his

its ok hani, shall we start now, he asked kissing my forehead.

shall i do something now, i asked placing my palm in his penis above the pants.
leave me di, its time to work and more over your dad is outside, he said with a shock.

i slapped his cheek, you rascal, same thing, i told you in morning, dad is inside leave me, did you hear my words.
hanisha, it was early morning and your dad was sleeping and now your dad is there in the hall, he whispered.

he waked up kumar, he came out when we were hugging in sofa with only inners, saw us and went inside, i said in a husky voice.
did he, kumar showed a bit of shock and asked what he told.

he was very angrey with me, he told he gonno kill you if you again come to home ? i said in a sad voice.
is it, but he told something different to me,  he smiled and hugged me and kissed my cheek.

i pulled his pant zip down and insert my hands inside and grabbed his cock above his inners and asked what he told you ?

he told me that i can come home anytime, stay here anytime, i can drink and fuck his daughter anytime..
did he told to fuck his daughter anytime, i asked with a kinky smile,
hmm, yes honey..he said kissing my cheek.
then fuck me now, i whispered in his ears.

sss, honey, its getting late to office, he said as i squeezed his balls.

hanisha what are you doing inside, its getting late, my dad shouted from hall,
hmm, yes dad, this kumaar is not leaving me, i said loudly smiling at kumar,
kumar, leave my daughter, you romanced with her whole night, now its time for her to goto work, my dad replied.

uncle, no, kumar tried to say something, i laughed at him and placed my lips in his lips and insert my hand into his inners
and grabbed his cock.

i kissed and sucked his lis lips, while my hands smooching his tool.
ssss, enough honey, i am getting too hot, and i will spoil your makeup and dress if you doesnt leave me.

i released the kiss and took my hand out, smiled at him and came out.
he too came out putting his zip,
bye dad, i said and went out.

kumar was bit embarassed to see my dad and came out quickly aavoiding his eye contact.

next 10 minutes he dropped me infront of the hotel.
All the best hani..
thanks kumar..

Manager kavin greeted with pleasent smile.
he introduced me to few staffs and taught me about the work and rules and regulations.

it was a medium class hotel with almost 50 rooms, 10 in each floor with 5 floors and dinning halls, swimming pools and massage centers.
he took almost 3 hours to teach me the receptionist job and how to handle customers, he was professional all the way through
and was polite and decent while teaching me.

then he told me work in reception and there was already a senior guy and i started to work with the help of my senior.
his name is guru, age should be around 35 to 40.

whenever i have doubts, i called him to clear, and he helped me,
he used the every oppurtunity to touch me here and there and also its a small place and we need to move inside frequently
to take bill printouts, collect cash and place it in cash box. while moving he make sure, his body touches my back, ass..

sorry hanisha, you are the first female co-receptionist, i always work with male colegue and hence i was very casual while
moving here and there, touching you and also this place is conjusted and difficult to move without touching each other.

its ok uncle, no problem, isaid with a smile.
hmmm, thanks hanisha for understanding, he said looking at me from top to bottom.

i was bit bored of working with male colegues for quite long, i think with you as partnerwork will more intresting, he
said with a smile.

we were standing close to each other resting our hands in the desk, his right hand was casully touching my left hand from
shoulders to palm.

how is your dad, he asked.
he is fine uncle, recovering fast, he will come to work in a few days. 
hmmm, good, he was good friend of mine, i am happy he is fine now, he said.
so you are a good friend but never visited home to see my dads health ? i asked

yes, i should have visited home, he told he has a daughter, but never told she is such a beautiful young daughter, he
said pinching my cheek.
i blushed at him.

i will be free from now on, who ever comes to reception will first try to ask you for queries as they will try their chance
to impress a cute young girl, he said with a wink.

another 1 hour passed with some chit chats with guru uncle and facing few customer queries and bill payments.
uncle flirted with me and was bit humorous as well and made me laugh quite some time and touched me casually here and there
and once he even touched my hips and pretended as if it happeneed accidently.

i received a message from kumar, "remember to enjoy if manager tried to be move closely with you" i read it and smiled to myself.

during noon, kavin sir came and called me for lunch. we both took lunch in dinning hall sitting opposite to each other.
we had some chit chats and he asked about how i liked this job. i nodded positively.

Around 4 PM manger called me to his cabin.

i went inside and stand before his table.
he looked at me for a while from top to bottom. he getup from his seat and came near me, went behind me and stand there for
a couple of minutes.

i felt like he was starring at my back and ass. the thought send shiver to my spine.
i felt his hands in my bare shoulders and he came closer to my back, i felt his breathe near my neck.

i closed my eyes, bite my lips and stood waiting for his next move.

he placed one hand in my cheek and gently smooched it and asked, whats your age hanisha.
18 sir, isaid shiveringly.

his hand moved from my cheek to neck, you look really beautiful hanisha, he whispered in my ears.
thank you sir,

i like your lengthy hair hanisha, he said placing his hand in my hair near my back neck and slowly moved it down, touching
my bare back, till the bottom of the hair and smooched my ass in pretext of touching my bottom hairs.

thank you sir,

i remembered the words of kumar, "either quit the job or do it with enjoyment", i cant quit the job, if i quit my dad will
also loose the job and it will be increase of burden to my brother and my kumar, i took a deep breathe and decided to enjoy
this sexual harassement.

this smell  of your hair mixed with jasmine flowers smell  making me crazy hanisha, i would like to insert my nose into
your hairs and smell it, shall i smell it hanisha..

hmmmm, ok sir,

he moved my hair front over my left shoulders, along with the jasmine, and placed his hands in my arms below the blouse sleeves,
and insert his face into my hairs above the shouders.

he squeezed my arms tightly and his face noce lips, touched my hairs and shoulders and he took deep breathe, and moved his
face closer to my ears.

it sent me goosebumps and my panties started to get wet. i closed my eyes eagerly waiting for his next move.
his hands moved from arms and touched my hips, i like your sexy hip curve hanisha.

hmm, thank you sir, i said with a moan.

you need to start wearing your saree below navel dear...he said placing his lips in my ears,
sss, sir but i never used to, i said in a low tone.

he slowly moved his hands from hips to belly and pressed it hardly, and pulled  me back a bit making me leaning on his
chest, hanisha, i want to tell you one thing, do you know why i offered this job ?

because my dad met with accident and you need a backup...

no hanisha, i offered you this job because you are beautiful young hot girl, he said placing his lips in my cheek.
ssss, sirrr..

you are cute and hot angel hanisha, only one out of 1000 girls will have this perfect shape and beauty from head to toe. your
eyes were inviting, your lips were sexy, he said rolling his fingers over my eye lids and twisting my lips.

hmmmmm, thank you sir

your cheeks were cute, he said kissing my cheek.

hmmmm, i moaned.

say thank you hanisha, i am praising your beauty, you are not saying anything, he said pressing my belly hardly.

thank you sirrr. i said resting my head on his shoulder and his hand smooched my front neck moving till my blouse inside
my saree pallu touching my clevage.

your neck and clevage were most sexiest i have ever seen with any girl in my life, he said pressing my clevage.
sss, thank you sir, i said moving my cheek closer to his cheek and smooched it with my cheek.

your breasts and ass were of perfect shape for a 18 year old girl, honey.
hmmm, thank you so much sirrrrrrr...

i offered you this job because of your beauty hanisha, he said placing his lips in my shoulders let his tongue out and licked
my shoulder.

ssss, thank you sirrr, i said with a moan.

as i said yesterday, i beleive customers will increase if you are there in reception but to make that happen you need to
expose your beauty.

but sir, i feel too shy..

he turned me around without releasing the hug, placed his palm in my cheek and looked into my eyes.
did anyone fucked you, hanisha ?

i was bit taken back by this question.
i looked at his eyes, let out a blushing smile and said, no sir.

with his one hand grabbing my ass tightly hugging me, pressing my pussy against his cock with his chest crushing my breast,
his other hand in my cheek gently massaged my cheek, earlobes, carrasing my neck, placed his left cheek in my right cheek, and
licked my ears and asked no, what no hani ?

i was getting turned on heavily and my panties getting wet with every drop of liquid oozing out from my pussy and manager
kavin is into the next level of sexual harassment.

i bought both my hands around him and hugged him and i too whishpered closer to his ears, no one fucked me sir.

oh, so did anyone licked your pussy or sucked your boobs ? he asked pushing his cock harder inbetween my thighs.
ssss, hmmm, sir, no one licked my pussy, no one sucked my boobs, i said placing my lips in his earlobes.

hmmm, ok, atleast anyone saw you nude or semi nude, he asked kissing my cheek.

ssss, sir, yes one person saw me semi naked, i said placing my lips in his cheek.
wow, dear, who is that lucky fellow, he asked kissing my shoulder.

my lover sir,

semi naked means, what you actually wear when he saw you.
i am in bra and panties sir.

so did he remove your dress and saw you semi naked or did you showed your beauty in panties and bra, he asked kissing my cheek.
i only removed my tops and skirt and show myself in bra and panties to my lover, sir.

hmmm, did you felt shy while you exposing your beauty to him ?

hmmm, sir, initially i was bit shy, but my excitment to see how he will see my beauty killed my shyness and i enjoyed
exposing to myself to him sir, i said in husky voice.

he hugged me tighter, placed one hand in my ass and other in the bare back above my blouse, yes hanisha, thats how you need to
be, you need to enjoy exposing your beauty, you need to enjoy people starring at your navel, you need to enjoy people
watching you cute round boob & ass curves, you need to excited to see how they will look at your clevage,  he said, placing his
lips in my side neck inches below ears.

sssss, hmmmmmm, ok sir, i said with a moan.

thats good girl, he said kissing my forehead and released the hug and smiled.
i too smiled back.

hanisha, you know as per hotel rules i should not appoint someone who not even finished graduation, but i have taken
this risk just for you, if the hotel owners came to know, they will sack me also, only way to escape from that is to increase
the revenue of this hotel, i am sure your beauty will invite lot of customers, you just need to retain them by exposing your
beauty and by flirting with them, he said with a wink.

hmmm, sure sir, i will expose my beauty i said with  a blush.

so, will you wear sarees below your navel, he asked with akinky smile.
hmmm, yes sir, i let out a blushing smile.

wear modern dress that expose your clevage and shows your breast curves.
ok sir.

wear some knee length skirt and show your thighs, he smiled naughtily.
i nodded my head with a smile.

thank you so mych dear, he said giving a kiss in my cheek and allowed me to go.

i returned to reception with wet panties finding difficult to walk properly.
i was blushin and smiling to myself thinking of his beahviour, kisses and touches and those sexy talks, that made me hot and wet.

what hanisha, what were you doing almost 1 hour in managers cabin ? he asked with a wink.
i blushed and said, nothing uncle, he was giving me some tips of how to work smart.

oh is it, i thought he might be flirting with you, he asked naughtily.
dont think everyone like you uncle, he is a gentleman, i said with a smile.
hmmm, let me see how long he behaves gentle with you, he said pinching my cheek.

around 5.30, i called kumar to come and pick me up. he came around 6 and when i was about to leave, manager came out.
i introduced kumar to him as boy friend and introduced manager to kumar.

they both shake hands and manager invited us for a coffee.

we went to dining hall and i sat in a two seater chair ane manager sat next to me, while kumar takes the chair opposite to us.
manager ordered for coffee and came closer to me with his right side of body from shoulder to thighs touching my left side.

he placed his right arm in my right shoulder and held my left palm which is in the table with his left hand.

kumar, you are lucky to have such a beautiful girl friend, he said giving gentle press in my shoulders.
hmmm, yes sir, he said looking at mangers hand in my shoulder and looked at my eyes.

i was bit embarassed by kavins's behaviour and put my heads down unable to face kumar.

he kept on smooching my arms and shoulders, pressing and squeezing and had some chit chats with kumar.
kumar starred at kavins hand sexually groping me and gave me naughty smiles. though kumar told me to enjoy kavins sexual
harassment, i felt bit awkward to face the same infront of kumar.

kumar, hope you dont mind if your girl friend wear some sexy exposing dresses, kavin asked  moving his right hand close to my
right breast.

no sir, actually i woild love to see her in some modern dress.

hmmm, yes kumar, i need to her wear sexy dress and expose her beauty as much as possible but she is feeling too shy, can you
convince her.

hmm sure sir, i will convince her.

kavin moved my hairs from back to my right shoulders and placed his hand right on top of my right breast above my hairs.
i think she also likes to expose her beauty but she might be fear of what you or her dad will say if she wears those
type of dress, he said slowly smooching my breast in the pretext of carassing my hair, one of his fingers slowly moved my
pallu that is covering my right breast and exposed it till my poking nipple is visible over the blouse.

coffee came and kumar took sip of coffee and watched kavins hand in breast through the corner of his eyes and continue
his chat.

kavin moved my braided hair covering my poking nipple and carassed my hair with 3 fingers and inserted 2 fingers below the hair
and touched my poking nipple.

that touch send shiver to my pussy, i bite my lips as drops of juice started to wet my panties.

i finished my coffee in a hurry so that this could come to an end soon.
but kavin and kumar drinks it as slow as possible making me sit there as a sex toy for kavin.

do you have sleeveless blouse hanisha ? kavin asked gently fondling my right breast.
no sir, i said with shivering voice.

hmmm, it would be great if you buy few sleeveless blouse.
i will get those for her today sir, kumar said,

i gave a angry look at kumar and he winked at me.

kavin took his left hand and placed it in my right cheek and turned me to face him. his right hand  still inbetween my
right hand and right boob, gently squeezing it, will you wear sexy sleevless blouse hani, he asked looking at my eyes.

hmmm, ok sir, i nodded.

i need the neck to be as deep as possible so that your beautifull clevage were visible he said with a wink.
i nodded my head, looking down.

thank you hanisha, he said kissing my cheek.

kumar looked at me with a naughty smile and i blushed at him.
hanisha, why dont you give a return kiss to kavin, he asked with a wink.

i looked at him angrily.
wow, thats great kumar, i will be so happy if i get a kiss from this cute lips.

i moved my lips closer to kavins cheek and gave a kiss. suddenly kavins hand in my breast pressed it harder.

ssss, i let out moan in pain.

what happened hani, kavin asked.
nothing sir, i said in low tone.

no hani, you gave a sound as if you are in pain.
hmmm sir, i think you pressed her hardly, kumar said with a naughty smile.

did i ? where hani ? he asked showing innocent face.

in her right boobs, kumar replied.

is it hani ? he asked me again.
hmmm, i nodded putting my face down in shame and embarasement.

i am really sorry dear, i lost my control when your lips touched my cheek, let me give a soft massage, he said, now placing
his left hand in my right boobs.

no sir, its ok, i am alright, i said but his hands started to gently massage my right boobs moving my pallu to the left,
fully exposing my right breasts.

i was getting to hot to the core being handled like this infront of my beloved kumar and seeing him enjoying this, my
pussy leaked a lot and i rested my head in the chair taking deep breathe

kavin leanead over me fondling my breast and gave kiss in my forehead, sorry dear, is it so painful ?
no sir, i said in husky voice.

he kissed my gently and asked, did you like the massage.

hmmm, yes sir.

how do you feel now, he asked kissing my chin.

i am ok sir, i said shiveringly.

he continued fondling my boobs for 2 more minutes, kissing me all over my cheek, ears, neck, shoulders.

enough sirrrrrr, i said as i started to feel my wetness in the thighs.

he took my hands from my breast and moved from me, i opened my eyes, to see kumar starring at me with open mouth.
i put my face down unable to see his eyes in shy and shame.

ok kumar, bye, bye hanisha, see you tomorow, he said and left us.

i adjusted my pallu looking angrily at kumar and stood up and kumar too stood trying to hide his buldge.
i slapped his cheek, you dirty rascal getting hard on seeing your lover sexually harrassed by someone.

i see you enjoyed a lot, he said with a wink.
i try to keep my angry look but unable to control my blush.

shall we goto my friends shop to purchase you new blouses as your manager was eager to see you in sexy sleeveless blouses.
i nodded my head with a blushing smile.

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